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Meditations on Memorial Day

by David Boaz on May 31, 2010

Even when worthwhile, war brings terrible costs and must not be undertaken lightly.

Free Thoughts

The Bourgeois Era

featuring Deirdre McCloskey, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on May 27, 2016

Deirdre N. McCloskey joins us to discuss her Bourgeois Era book series. Why are we so much wealthier now than at any other point in human history?


The Other Adam Smith, Part 1

featuring George H. Smith on May 25, 2016

George H. Smith explains what Adam Smith meant by the “invisible hand” and how he used this explanatory method throughout his writings.

Classics of Liberty

Abram D. Smith: Nullification - Part 1

featuring Caleb O. Brown and Abram D. Smith on May 22, 2016

In this episode, Caleb O. Brown reads In re Booth by Abram D. Smith, an 1854 ruling that effectively nullified the Fugitive Slave Act in Wisconsin.

Free Thoughts

Socrates on Trial, Part 2: Crito

featuring Brian Wilson, Aaron Ross Powell, and Matthew Feeney on May 20, 2016

Brian Wilson from Combat and Classics joins us for a discussion about the last days of Socrates, as told by Plato in Crito.



by James Madison on Mar 29, 1792

Narrowly, we have property rights to things, but in the broader, more correct sense, all the rights we posses are property rights.


The Oregon Question

by Levi Slamm and Daily Plebeian on Jun 9, 1843

“We hope that our Government [secures] the Oregon Territory…before the great Brigand of the World pollutes [it with] the freebooters standard of Great Britain.”


The Legend of Libertalia, Part Two

by Charles Johnson in 1728 C.E.

“Misson designed his Settlement[,] Libertalia, [naming his people] Liberi…desiring [that it might drown the] Names of French, English, Dutch, Africans, &c.”


The Legend of Libertalia, Part One

by Charles Johnson in 1728 C.E.

“He fell upon Government, and shew’d, that every Man was born free, and had as much Right to what would support him, as to the Air he respired.”