Adam Smith on Public Policy: Education

Adam Smith thought that everyone should receive an education, and that funding should be set up to comport with justice and to incentivize a high quality product.


Against Paternalism

Showing respect for others means taking their rights and their autonomy seriously, not simply being concerned for their welfare.


A Cobden Digest on Free Trade

In these selections from his speeches and writings, Richard Cobden discusses the benefits of free trade, arguing against tariffs and militarism.


Agrarian Justice: Excerpt

In this excerpt from his pamphlet Agrarian Justice, Thomas Paine argues for using land taxes to fund what we would today call a universal basic income.

External Resource

Evolution and Spontaneous Order

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

Hayek lectures on the differences and similarities between the concept of evolution in biology and the concept of evolution in the social sciences.