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Libertarianism and the Poor

by Matt Zwolinski on Apr 25, 2014

The libertarian case against the welfare state is really just the result of the consistent application of moral common sense.


Egoism in Rand and Stirner

by David S. D’Amato on Mar 11, 2014

D’Amato looks at the philosophy of egoism and contrasts the versions of it offered by Ayn Rand and Max Stirner.


Toward an Interdisciplinary Study of Liberty, Part 2

by George H. Smith on Feb 21, 2014

A far-ranging discussion of the meanings of key terms in libertarianism, kinds of ideologues, and crucial elements needed for an understanding of individual freedom.


Rudolf Rocker and the Will to Power, Part 1

by George H. Smith on Jan 24, 2014

In Nationalism and Culture, a classic history of libertarian ideas, Rudolf Rocker uses the struggle of freedom against power as his theoretical framework.


The Lust for Power

by George H. Smith on Jan 17, 2014

Smith explains how the insatiable desire for power and its corrupting influence have been dominant themes in libertarian theory and history.