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Political Crimes Before Nixon

by Murray Sabrin on Aug 1, 1977

“At worst, Richard Nixon was just engaging in a time honored and long cherished American tradition: political spying.”


Our Greatest Presidents?

by Ralph Raico on Aug 1, 1977

“Commager’s out-of-date nonsense, masquerading as historical wisdom, is what they are going to teach little children in the government’s schools.”


Reason Watch

by Murray Rothbard on Aug 1, 1977

“Isolationism is not a principle for free-market defense agencies because there would be no nation-State[s or]  foreign policy for anyone to worry about.”


Tom Paine and the American Revolution

by Leonard P. Liggio on Jul 1, 1977

“Paine spoke for the governed against the government, and for the living rather than the dead. At best he saw government as only a small part of society.”



by Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Jul 1, 1977

“In a world of cynics and pessimists, we are optimists: we believe that Liberty is a standard to which all can repair.”


Decontrolling Money

by Richard Ebeling on Apr 1, 1977

“It is certainly heartening that professor Hayek has become more Libertarian[, though] unfortunate that he seems somewhat less “Austrian.”


Johnny, Svjek, and Paul

by Tom G. Palmer on Apr 1, 1977

Tom Palmer reviews three authors’ perspectives on war.


Prohibiting Rattlesnakes and Strychinine

by Gary A. Hughes on Feb 1, 1977

“The state has now [possesses] the power to completely prohibit the use of certain practices in religious worship services…”


Rogge, Adam Smith: 1776-1976

by Benjamin Rogge on Dec 1, 1976

“The man of system…is often so enamoured with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plan of government, that he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from…it.”