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Foreign Aid Must Go

by Minoo Masani in 1972

Foreign aid, argues Masani, transfers power from the people to the state while crowding out beneficial private investment.


The Revolution of 1837

by Democratic Review in 1838

What’s a republican to do when opponents have the unity of “a vast host…leaders…the press…the wealth…the attack?”  John L. O’Sullivan exulted in it.


Why Swatantra?

by C. Rajagopalachari in 1960

The Swatantra Party carried the torch of classical liberalism in India in the 1960s and 70s.


Walker’s Timeless “Appeal,” Part Two

by David Walker on Sep 30, 1829

“Should tyrants take it into their heads to emancipate any of you, remember that your freedom is your natural right…God will dash tyrants…into atoms.”


Walker’s Timeless “Appeal,” Part One

by David Walker on Sep 29, 1829

“Can our condition be any worse?  Can it be more mean and abject?…They cannot treat us worse; for they well know the day they do it they are gone.”


Bread or Freedom?

by Minoo Masani in 1977

Economic prosperity goes hand-in-hand with freedom. We needn’t pick one or the other.