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The Canada Question

by Democratic Review in 1838

An editorial in the U.S. Magazine & Democratic Review defended Canada’s right to become independent of Britain, as the United States had.


Neither Lord Nor Subject: Taoist Anarchism

by Bao Jingyan in 300 C.E.

“Servitude and mastery result from the struggle between the strong and the weak…and Blue Heaven has nothing whatsoever to do with it.”


Sketches of a Loco-fied Congress, 1837

by Democratic Review in 1837

“[The House] was excited at the novelty and boldness of his…doctrines…Gentlemen from the south…heard the high priest of revolution singing his war song.”


The Saga of Pirate Captain John Gow, Part I

by Daniel Defoe on Jan 1, 1725

“Peterson…answered in a surly Tone…So as we Eat so shall we Work:  This he spoke aloud so as that…the Captain should hear him.


Whither Indian Planning?

by Sir Homi Mody on Sep 10, 1965

In the 1950s and 60s, the Indian economy was ravaged by central planning.


History is the Story of Liberty, Not Nations

by Benedetto Croce in 1938

Benedetto Croce argued that the lifespans of particular regimes, tyrants and oppressors are limited, but history always and inevitably arcs toward Liberty.


Smedley Butler & the “Business Plot,” Part II

by McCormack-Dickstein Committee in 1934

Part II in our investigation into the alleged “Business Plot” for a fascist coup against FDR—The Congressional Committee’s Report on “Un-American Activities.”


Smedley Butler & the “Business Plot,” Part I

by McCormack-Dickstein Committee in 1934

Did a shady clique of politicians and businessmen attempt to lead a fascist coup against FDR?—Libertarian icon General Smedley Butler swore as much.