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Prohibiting Rattlesnakes and Strychinine

by Gary A. Hughes on Feb 1, 1977

“The state has now [possesses] the power to completely prohibit the use of certain practices in religious worship services…”


Rogge, Adam Smith: 1776-1976

by Benjamin Rogge on Dec 1, 1976

“The man of system…is often so enamoured with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plan of government, that he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from…it.”


Klasman, Living with Equals

by Susan Love Brown on Aug 1, 1976

“The achievement of human liberty rests more on human emotions than many libertarians like to admit.”


Introduction to Imaginative Literature, Part V

by Jeff Riggenbach on Aug 1, 1976

There are, of course, many other noteworthy works of English literary art that have been stigmatized by the label children’s literature.”


Stine, The Third Industrial Revolution

by Jerry Pournelle on Aug 1, 1976

“If we do break free of Earth and take our rightful places as inhabitants of the Solar System, G. Harry Stine will deserve a place in that achievement’s history.”


Nisbet, “The Twilight of Authority”

by Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 1, 1976

“Nisbet views the anarchists as the major philosophers who successfully answer advocates of centralization of the state and collectivism.”


The Man Who Would Be King

by Murray Rothbard on Jun 1, 1976

“When they reach the ancient land, they manage to get themselves accepted not only as rulers but as gods.”


Economic History and Government

by Douglass North on Jun 1, 1979

A review of Nobel laureate Douglass North’s 1978 paper “Structure and Performance: The Task of Economic History.”