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Consensus and Authority

by Leonard Krieger September 1978

“Since, historically, social authority has produced authoritarian personalities mirroring the coercive society, we might reverse the process.”


State and Society

by Felix Morley September 1978

“The twentieth century’s major political developments flow from the coercive nature of the state.”


Editorial (Vol. I, No. III)

by Leonard P. Liggio September 1978

Leonard Liggio described the ideologically-inspired, Romantic life of George Julian.


Obedience vs. Self-Ownership

by Peter Breggin June 1978

“A free…society would inevitably perish unless [populated] by enough autonomous individuals who value risky freedom over the apparent comforts of tyranny.”


Prima Facie Values

by Jeane Kirkpatrick June 1978

“Advocates of liberty should realize that in order to maximize their cause they must continually stress that non-violence is a key element to real liberty.”


Wright, “Islandia”

by Alice Laurance December 1975

“Austin Tappan Wright was a man of ideas. Some of those ideas will worry libertarians…but Islandia contains a wealth of ideas worth thought.”


Unamuno, “Tragic Sense of Life”

by William Danks June 1975

“The attack on death has not been organized properly, for the simple reason that we have not dared announce it as an over-all objective.”


Rothbard, “The Panic of 1819”

by Mark Skousen August 1975

Skousen reviews what may well be Rothbard’s most highly-praised work of professional history.


Radosh, “Prophets on the Right”

by James Martin August 1975

“This is as fair, sober, and measured an evaluation…of Beard, Villard, Flynn, Robert A.Taft (Senior), and Lawrence Dennis, as one is likely to see.”


Oppenheimer, “The State”

by Murray Rothbard September 1975

Rothbard reviews a classic now more than a century old and as relevant as ever.