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August 29, 1994 Video Collection

Gordon Tullock and Peter Bernholz: Collective Preferences and Democracy

Gordon Tullock is an economist and professor emeritus of Law and Economics at George Mason University, and is best known for his work on public choice theory.

Peter Bernholz is an economist who teaches at the University of Basel in Switzerland. He studies competitive federalism, hyperinflation, and monetary policy rules embedded in the European Constitution.

August 21, 1987 Video Collection

Don Ernsberger on the Culture of Freedom

Don Ernsberger is the co-founder of the Society for Individual Liberty and was also heavily involved in the creation and philosophical guidance of the Libertarian Party as a member of its National Committee in the 70s and 80s.

In this address at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention in 1987, Ernberger talks about a “culture of freedom” in America, the growth of the Libertarian Party since its inception 16 years prior, and the then-ongoing liberalization of the world’s largest communist states, China and the Soviet Union.

July 26, 1991 Video Collection

David Kelley on Egalitarianism and Welfare Rights Theory

David Kelley is a political philosopher, writer, and the executive director of the Atlas Society. Kelley is a strong proponent of objectivism and has published a wide range of literature including A Life of One’s Own (1998) and The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand (2000).

June 30, 2001 Video Collection

Bob McTeer: Why Bastiat is My Hero

Bob McTeer is an economist and was the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas from 1991-2005.

August 31, 1993 Video Collection

Israel Kirzner on Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Israel Kirzner is an Austrian economist and one of the world’s foremost experts on Ludwig von Mises’s methodology and thought.

July 24, 1995 Video Collection

Tom G. Palmer and Kurt Leube on Markets and Justice

Tom G. Palmer is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, director of the Institute’s educational division, Cato University, Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, and General Director of the Atlas Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace, and Prosperity.

July 30, 2012 Video Collection

Bob Chitester on Milton Friedman and ‘Free to Choose’

“There are very few people over the generations who have ideas that are sufficiently original to materially alter the direction of civilization. Milton is one of those very few people.”

That is how former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan described the Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman. But it is not for his technical work in monetary economics that Friedman is best known. Like mathematician Jacob Bronowski and astronomer Carl Sagan, Friedman had a gift for communicating complex ideas to a general audience.

September 21, 1986 Video Collection

Bettina Greaves: A Tribute to Henry Hazlitt

Bettina Bien Greaves attended Ludwig von Mises’s New York University seminars for many years and has translated, edited, and compiled several of his works. She is currently a resident scholar and trustee of the Foundation for Economic Education.

September 21, 1986 Video Collection

Nat Hentoff: National Security versus Press Freedom

Nat Hentoff is an American historian, novelist, jazz and country music critic, and syndicated columnist for United Media, who writes regularly on jazz and country music for The Wall Street Journal.

July 26, 1991 Video Collection

Randy E. Barnett on Justice and Law

Randy E. Barnett is a lawyer and legal theorist, and a Senior Fellow of the Cato Institute and the Goldwater Institute. He also teaches constitutional law and contracts at Georgetown University Law Center.