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1982 Video Collection

Academics, Intellectuals, and Politics

Edward H. Crane lays out a strategy to convert the public into “Hayekian intellectuals,” one of his purposes in founding the Cato Institute.

Publication date
September 19, 1981 Video Collection

Politics, Ideas, and Freedom

Dr. Ron Paul shares his personal philosophy on how ideas can inform politics in this 1981 Council for a Competitive Economy video.

Publication date
April 23, 1997 Video Collection

Should We Welcome a Libertarian Future?

David Boaz and Charles Murray each discuss their respective books about what it means to be a libertarian in this 1997 Cato debate.

Publication date
October 7, 1984 Video Collection

Overcoming Barriers to Romantic Love

Nathaniel Branden talks about internal barriers that affect interpersonal relationships in this lecture from 1984.

Publication date
November 21, 1981 Video Collection

The Sanction of the Victims

Ayn Rand admonishes businessmen for apologizing for capitalism in her final public lecture.

Publication date
July 7, 1992 Video Collection

Natural Law Origins of the Common Law

Kevin Bjornson lectures on the origins of the common law and civil asset forfeiture at a 1992 International Society for Individual Liberty conference.

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