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April 27, 1981 Video Collection

Social Security: The Inherent Contradiction

Peter Ferrara is Director of the International Center for Law and Economics and President of the Virginia Club for Growth. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and has practiced law with firms on Wall Street and in Washington, DC.

In this video, Ferrara lectures at a Libertarian Party of New York conference on his first book, Social Security: The Inherent Contradiction (1980). He describes in detail the problems built into the way the U.S. Social Security system was designed and offers a method of transitioning to a fully privatized retirement-savings model.

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February 22, 1989 Video Collection

A Liberal Against Banning Guns

Don Kates is professor emeritus of constitutional and criminal law specializing in gun ownership and gun control issues. He is also a research fellow at the Independent Institute, and is the editor of Firearms and Violence: Issues of Public Policy (1984).

In this lecture at a San Francisco Libertarian Party event in 1989, Kates gives a history of gun ownership in America and speaks about the historical implications of the right to self-defense.

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July 10, 1984 Video Collection

Freedom and the Child

Frances Kendall is a portrait artist, businesswoman, former politician, and author living in South Africa. She is the co-author (with Leon Louw) of South Africa: The Solution (1986).

This 1984 lecture at a Libertarian International conference in London focuses on Kendall’s first book, Super Parents Super Children (1983), wherein she advocates a system of parenting based on respecting the rights of children.

Publication date
July 13, 1985 Video Collection

Community Without Coercion

Hannes Gissurarson is a professor of political science at the University of Iceland. He frequently speaks about issues related to classical liberalism and is a strong advocate of free market-oriented policies.

In this video from a 1985 Libertarian International conference, Gissurarson attempts to disprove several of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s theories about civil society being an alienating force among men, the origins of poverty, and so on.

Publication date
August 7, 1986 Video Collection

Public vs. Private Enterprise

Fred S. McChesney is an economist specializing in deregulation and anti-trust policy and is also a law professor at Northwestern University. He is the author of Money for Nothing: Politicians, Rent Extraction and Political Extraction (1997).

Publication date
July 13, 1984 Video Collection

Walter Williams on Minorities and Unemployment

Walter E. Williams is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. He is a well-known columnist and the author of South Africa’s War Against Capitalism (1989), The State Against Blacks (1982), Do the Right Thing: The People’s Economist Speaks (1995), and More Liberty Means Less Government (1999).

Publication date
July 19, 1986 Video Collection

A Historiography of the Industrial Revolution and Otto von Bismarck

Ralph Raico is a specialist in European classical liberalism and Austrian Economics. He learned economics under Ludwig von Mises and is currently a professor of history at Buffalo State College. Raico was also the editor, along with Ronald Hamowy, of the New Individualist Review.

In this video from a 1986 Libertarian International conference in Stockholm, Sweden, Raico gives a lecture on how historians have treated the Industrial Revolution and the rise of Otto von Bismarck and his notorious social insurance programs in pre-World War Germany.

Publication date
July 21, 1986 Video Collection

Karl Hess: Tools to Dismantle the State

Karl Hess was a noted speechwriter (for Barry Goldwater among others) and author, and later in his life became known as a tax resister and market anarchist.

Publication date
October 25, 1988 Video Collection

William F. Buckley, Jr. and Vladimir Bukovsky: Gratitude and Glasnost

William F. Buckley, Jr. was an author, commentator, columnist, the founder of National Review, and host of the television show Firing Line. During his lifetime he somewhat interchangeably referred to himself as both a libertarian and a conservative.

Vladimir Bukovsky was a Soviet dissident writer and activist during the ’60s and ’70s. He spent a total of 12 years in Soviet prisons, labor camps, and forced-treatment psychiatric hospitals. He was able to escape the Soviet Union in 1976 thanks to a prisoner exchange.

Publication date
January 11, 1987 Video Collection

Risk and Liberty

Aaron Wildavsky was a political scientist and professor known for his work in government budgeting and risk management. He taught at Oberlin College and Berkeley.

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