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Helen Dale

Helen Dale contributes to a group column on libertarian feminism along with Sharon Presley, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, and Mikayla Novak.

Dale is Senior Adviser to Senator David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democrats Senator for New South Wales, Australia’s first libertarian federal parliamentarian elected on a classical liberal ticket. Previously, she practised corporate law in Edinburgh, Scotland. She qualified in English law at Oxford University, and in Scots law at Edinburgh University. She is a three-time Institute for Humane Studies Fellow, and writes occasionally for Reason and the Spectator.

Dale is interested in the rule of law, governance, institutional design, and the differences between the British/Australian classical liberal traditions and those of the US. She has detailed knowledge of and experience in parliamentary drafting, and contributed to the Scottish marriage equality legislation. She is presently working on Australia’s Freedom to Marry Bill.