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John Stuart Mill

Raised since early childhood to promote Jeremy Bentham’s theory of utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill both expanded on those ideas and developed many of his own regarding individual freedom and liberty. Inspired by his good friend and wife, Mill was one of the first men to publish a book explicitly on women’s rights; he viewed the subjugation of women as one of the worst vestiges of ancient society. Mill is probably best known for his harm principle and the theory of tyranny of the majority.


A Few Words on Non-Intervention: Excerpts

by John Stuart Mill in 1859 C.E.

When should the military intervene in foreign conflicts? Only rarely and under narrow circumstances, said John Stuart Mill.

Free Thoughts


featuring Andrew Jason Cohen, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Sep 11, 2015

Andrew Jason Cohen joins us for a discussion on toleration—what does it mean to be tolerant? What should be tolerated? Are we becoming less tolerant?