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Timothy Sandefur

Timothy Sandefur is Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute. Sandefur has litigated several cases involving property rights, eminent domain, and regulatory takings. Sandefur is a graduate of Chapman University School of Law and Hillsdale College.

Free Thoughts

Why Property Rights Matter

featuring Timothy Sandefur, Christina Sandefur, Trevor Burrus, & Aaron Ross Powell February 2016

Timothy and Christina Sandefur join us to talk about the importance of establishing and maintaining governments and societies that respect property rights.

Free Thoughts

The Politics of Star Trek

featuring Timothy Sandefur, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell November 2015

Timothy Sandefur joins us for a discussion on political philosophy in the Star Trek science fiction franchise.


You Don’t Own Me

by Timothy Sandefur March 2015

Sandefur explores how the idea of self-ownership has been expressed in American popular culture and intellectual discourse.