Trevor Burrus

Trevor Burrus is a research fellow at the Cato Institute’s Center for Constitutional Studies. His research interests include constitutional law, civil and criminal law, legal and political philosophy, and legal history. His work has appeared in the Vermont Law Review, the Syracuse Law Review, and the Jurist, as well as the Washington TimesHuffington Post, and the Daily Caller. He holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a JD from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Free Thoughts

Why Liberty Takes Character

featuring Lawrence W. Reed, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Apr 22, 2016

Lawrence W. Reed joins us for a discussion on how to effectively communicate the ideas of liberty through storytelling.

Free Thoughts

Rothbard’s Ethics of Liberty, Part 2

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, Grant Babcock, & Jason Kuznicki on Apr 15, 2016

Aaron Powell, Trevor Burrus, Grant Babcock, and Jason Kuznicki discuss the second part of Murray Rothbard’s book The Ethics of Liberty.