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Dicey, Albert Venn (1835-1922)

by Stephen M. Sheppard

Albert Venn Dicey,a prominent British legal philosopher, established in his writings the basic principles for the rule of law under a legitimate constitution.


Diderot, Denis (1713-1784)

by Jason Kuznicki

A prominent Enlightenment thinker, Denis Diderot’s writings on freedom of thought, religion, and speech bring him to the attention of libertarians today.


Douglass, Frederick (1818-1895)

by Timothy Sandefur

Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist who fought for black liberty both before and after the Civil War.


Dunoyer, Charles (1786-1862)

by David Hart

Charles Dunoyer was a major influence in the French classical liberal movement. He wrote on law, society, and the benefits of free markets and limited government.