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Federalists Versus Anti-Federalists

by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

One of the major debates over the U.S. Constitution was between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, largely over the role of the states and a Bill of Rights.


Ferguson, Adam (1723-1816)

by Ronald Hamowy

Adam Ferguson’s writings, notably his Essay on the History of Civil Society, provided an important analysis of how social institutions form.


Fisher, Antony (1915-1988)

by Jo Kwong

Sir Antony Fisher made an important contribution to the libertarian movement by creating liberty-advancing public policy think tanks active around the globe.


Foucault, Michel (1926-1984)

by Jason Kuznicki

One of the best-known writers of the 20th cent., Michel Foucault criticized overreaching authority structures as well as state and social coercion.


Friedman, David (1945-)

by Bryan Caplan

David Friedman is a prominent intellectual whose critical writings on economics, law, and the state have contributed to the advancement of libertarian ideas.


Friedman, Milton (1912-2006)

by Aaron Steelman

The winner of the Nobel Prize in 1976, Milton Friedman was a recent leading economist who advocated free market liberalism through public policy.