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Rand, Ayn (1905-1982)

by Chris Sciabarra

Ayn Rand remains one of the best-known and most influential individualist writers, credited with developing the philosophy of Objectivism.


Rawls, John (1921-2002)

by Will Wilkinson

John Rawls was a political theorist who revived interest in the field. Though not libertarian, his work can be interpreted in support of some free-market ideas.


Read, Leonard E. (1898-1983)

by Donald J. Boudreaux and Nick Slepko

Leonard E. Read was an activist who founded the Foundation for Economic Education, a free-market and anti-socialist nonprofit and educational organization.


Ricardo, David (1772-1823)

by Mark Skousen

David Ricardo was an influential economist whose contributed both important free-market theories and dismal predictions about the value of labor.


Rothbard, Murray (1926-1995)

by Brian Doherty

Murray Rothbard’s writings provided a detailed and systematic explanation of politics, society, and economics consistent with libertarian ideas.


Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)

by Jason Kuznicki

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is regarded as a great political philosopher and contractarian, though his ideas for society often rely on a basis of coercive liberty.


Röpke, Wilhelm (1899-1966)

by Aaron Steelman

Wilhelm Röpke was a German economist who wrote in favor of a decentralized economy and held a strong anti-Keynesian and conservative position.