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by Steven Horwitz

Discussions over the institution of the family, even between libertarians, are not a consensus. However, many agree that the state should be uninvolved.


Feminism and Women’s Rights

by Wendy McElroy

In this entry, McElroy outlines the feminist movement’s history and the major split in beliefs between individualist and radical or gender feminists.


Foreign Policy

by Ted Galen Carpenter and Malou Innocent

American foreign policy has operated on an interventionist platform for many decades. This approach does more harm than help to America and its allies.


Free Trade

by Daniel T. Griswold

Free trade allows for goods and services to move freely across borders. It is the best way to distribute resources to those that value them most.


Freedom of Thought

by George H. Smith

Freedom of thought includes the notion that religion and personal value systems should be unregulated, and that expressing all values must be permitted.