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by Michael C. Munger

Government regulation of the market is often argued to be a response to market failures. However, often these regulations make society worse off.


Rent Seeking

by Sanford Ikeda

Rent-seeking occurs when actors lobby the government for regulatory legislation that assures the actor an advantage in the market.


Restitution for Crime

by Bruce Benson

A restitution-based system, which requires the guilty to pay recompense to who they wrong, may be more just than our retribution or crime-based systems.


Retribution for Crime

by Eric Mack

Retributive justice holds that punishment is the only way to achieve justice and properly disincentivize criminal behavior, but to explain why, opinions differ.


Right to Bear Arms

by Nelson Lund

The right to bear arms, though vaguely written and often debated, is a Constitutional guarantee that protects the right for self-protection.


Rule of Law

by Norman Barry

The rule of law keeps society protected and in order by holding everyone – including government – accountable to objective standards of behavior.