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by George H. Smith

Abolitionism was the 19th century anti-slavery movement promoting the equal civil and political rights for African Americans and complete rejection of slavery.


American Revolution

by Robert M. S. McDonald

Robert McDonald outlines the key events of the American Revolution, one of the most influential successes of liberty to date.



by Andrew Morriss

Anarcho-capitalism is one proposed type of anarchism, where market actors provide all goods and services to society, including security and common public goods.


Anti-Corn Law League

by Aaron Steelman

The Anti-Corn Law League was a group that opposed the protectionist British Corn Laws and have been praised as a model for achieving radical libertarian reform.


Assurance and Trust

by Daniel B. Klein

Assurance and trust are vital in any transaction. In this entry, Daniel Klein overviews the ways in which assurance arises and who should oversee it.