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by Stephen Davies

Many nations have built themselves into empires. American imperalism has often been presented as a debate between values and territorial expansion.


Individual Rights

by Eric Mack

Individual rights function as guarantees of protection and entitlement to a morally granted domain, principally that of self-ownership and choice.


Individualism, Methodological

by George H. Smith

Methodological individualism is the methodological framework wherein individuals are seen as the agents of actions and values that form social phenomena.


Individualism, Political and Ethical

by Timothy Sandefur

Instead of focusing on groups and society, individualism places the individual as the focus of ethical discussion and political agency.


Individualist Anarchism

by Aeon Skoble

Individualist anarchism holds that government does not offer any service that the market could not, making the state unnecessary and disruptive.


Industrial Revolution

by Deirdre McCloskey

The industrial revolution improved not only production, but standards of living, political and economic freedom, and the spread of ideas and culture.



by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmed

Islamic teachings contribute to or are consistent with many libertarian principles, such as tolerance, property rights, and the strength of individuals.


Italian Fiscal Theorists

by James M. Buchanan

Italian scholars’ contributions to politics and economics include critical theoretical work on tax analysis, state authority, and public spending.