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Magna Carta

by Stephen Davies

Renowned as one of the first documents limiting royal authority, Magna Carta established written rules and limits of political institutions.



by Jason Kuznicki

Marxism is the philosophy calling for the working class to overcome capitalism and institute a socialist society. Politically, it has only caused disaster.


Material Progress

by Donald J. Boudreaux

The advancement of material progress, or quality of life, has increased dramatically within the past few hundred years and continues increasing today.



by George H. Smith

Mercantilism was the belief that wealth of nations was based on the amount of money held by the nation, through high internal protections and a focus on exports.


Minimal State

by David Conway

The minimal state solution is one wherein the state provides protection for the people in its domain but does nothing else.


Mont Pelerin Society

by Charles Baird

The Mont Pelerin Society was formed in 1947 to gather thinkers and advocates of a free society to discuss and further classical-liberal ideas.