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Religion and Liberty

by George H. Smith

Freedom of worship is an individual right and natural right that many people and groups have fought for throughout history.


Republicanism, Classical

by Jason Kuznicki

Classical Republicans were early advocates of constitutionalism and the rule of law. Their work is foundational to political theory today.



by Rod L. Evans

Personal freedom and personal responsibility go hand-in-hand. An over-reliance on the government due to the welfare state corrodes both.


Revolution, Right of

by Robert M. S. McDonald

Many classical liberal writers believed in the right of revolution as a natural right that could be utilized when government failed to serve its purpose.


Rights, Natural

by Fred Miller

Natural rights are the basic rights held by all individuals by merits of being human; i.e., those rights that exist pre-government and may not be violated.


Rights, Theories of

by Douglas Rasmussen

In this entry, Douglas Rasmussen offers justification for protecting individual rights from the perspectives of several schools of thought.