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Nathan, Tonie (1923-2014)

by David Boaz

Tonie Nathan was the running mate of 1976 Libertarian presidential candidate John Hospers and the first woman to receive an electoral vote.



by Jason Kuznicki

Nationalism places the collective identity of a nation above all other aspects of life. 


Natural Harmony of Interests

by Ralf Bader

The natural harmony of interests is the concept that when people act in their own self-interest, it contributes to the overall social interest.


Natural Law

by Fred Miller

Natural law theorists explain that all man-made law should derive from some universal law of nature, discovered either through divine inspiration or human reason.


New Deal

by Robert Whaples

The New Deal was a series of government programs aimed at those hurt by the Great Depression, which majorly expanded the size and expense of government.


Nietzsche, Friedrich (1844-1900)

by Lester Hunt

Nietzsche was a controversial philosopher of the 19th century whose antagonism towards political institutions remains ambiguous to scholars.


Nock, Albert Jay (1870-1945)

by Charles Hamilton

Albert Jay Nock was an influential writer who criticized political action and protested state interventionism at all levels.


Nonaggression Axiom

by Roderick T. Long

The nonaggression axiom or principle mandates that individuals do not use physical force against others or their property, except for retaliation.


Nozick, Robert (1938-2002)

by Ellen Frankel Paul

Nozick’s work, especially his book Anarchy, State, & Utopia, re-interested many people in political philosophy and libertarianism.