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Capitalism is NOT Imperialism

featuring Stephen Davies on Jun 10, 2013

Although many conflate capitalism and imperialism or think the two systems are closely connected, they are actually quite different, even at odds with one another.

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Debate: Is War Ever Justified?

featuring Bryan Caplan and Jan Ting on Jun 6, 2013

Most wars seem to create costs that far outweigh their benefits, but is war ever justified?

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How to Rig a Majority Vote

featuring Diana Thomas on May 29, 2013

Diana Thomas explains the paradoxical phenomenon (Condorcet’s Paradox) that occurs when people vote on three or more items.

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Why Do All Politicans Sound the Same?

featuring Diana Thomas on May 27, 2013

This video explains why politicians employ the same kinds of rhetoric…no matter which side of the political aisle they’re on.

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3 Reasons You Can’t Find a Job

featuring Carrie Kerekes on May 13, 2013

Why is it so hard for young college graduates to find jobs in today’s economy?

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What is the Gold Standard?

featuring Lawrence H. White on May 6, 2013

What does it mean to have a gold standard? What does a gold standard do?

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Choice in Schools or Choice in Education?

featuring Stephen Davies on Apr 29, 2013

Social transformation is changing dramatically the way education is carried out and delivered, both in the United States and abroad.

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Education is NOT the Same as Schooling

featuring Stephen Davies on Apr 22, 2013

Rather than being a tool to educate, the school as we know it today started as a way to produce obedient and loyal subjects, soldiers, and workers.

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Does Government Create Jobs?

featuring Steven Horwitz on Apr 8, 2013

Professor Steve Horwitz explains that there is a difference between creating jobs and creating wealth.

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Can Artists Make Money Without Copyrights?

featuring Stephen Davies on Mar 25, 2013

Professor Stephen Davies uses Rigoletto to demonstrate that intellectual property rights were not needed in Verdi’s time.