Revolution, Right of

by Robert M. S. McDonald on Aug 15, 2008

Many classical liberal writers believed in the right of revolution as a natural right that could be utilized when government failed to serve its purpose.


War Powers

by Gene Healy on Aug 15, 2008

The dangers of war make it necessary to prevent hasty entry to war. It should be worrying, therefore, that controls on executive war-making have waned.


Bill of Rights, US

by Randy E. Barnett on Aug 15, 2008

The content and necessity of the first 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, first debated by Federalists and Anti-Federalists, remains relevant today.


The Virtues of Compromise

by Charles Jared Ingersoll on Mar 24, 1862

“Copperhead” Democrat Charles Jared Ingersoll argues that both warring sections should embrace a large measure of compromise and conciliation.

Everything Wrong with the Presidents

Everything Wrong with the Van Buren Administration

by Joshua Steedman on Aug 14, 2019

Although Van Buren himself was an effective politician, his years as president prompted scholars to rank Van Buren’s presidency as average, grouped among some of the least-effective and forgettable presidents in U.S. history


Spooner, Lysander (1808-1881)

by Randy E. Barnett on Aug 15, 2008

Lysander Spooner was a legal and political theorist favoring individualist anarchy. He is best known for his activism as an abolitionist.