Libertarian View

Libertarians and the Confederacy

featuring Jason Kuznicki on Aug 14, 2013

Libertarians should not support the Confederacy, because the Confederacy was not libertarian. Jason Kuznicki explains in this video.

Libertarian View

Immigration as Voluntary Exchange

featuring Alex Nowrasteh on Jan 11, 2013

Alex Nowrasteh explains the philosophy behind his position on immigration.

Libertarian View

The Story of Frederick Douglass

featuring Nicholas Buccola on Sep 28, 2012

Nicholas Buccola briefly sketches out Douglass’s incredible life, from his origins as a slave to his success as one of the most renowned orators of his age.

Libertarian View

John Tomasi on Justice, Rights, and Utility

featuring John Tomasi on Jun 27, 2012

Tomasi gives his take on the balance between morality/rights-based libertarian advocacy and effectiveness/utility-based libertarian advocacy.