Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 33: The Christmas Conspiracy

featuring Anthony Comegna on Dec 19, 2017

There was a conspiracy to create Christmas. This is a fairly standard historical interpretation of the American Christmas celebration.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 32: Individualism vs The Market Revolution

featuring Anthony Comegna on Dec 12, 2017

The colonial period was one of booming production and commerce, a deeply commercialized culture noted by its fashions, ever changing tastes, and values.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 30: Anarchiad! - Politics in the Early Republic

featuring Anthony Comegna on Nov 28, 2017

This First Patriot Coalition helped win the war, but the Second, a far more aristocratical, power-friendly coalition was already busy about its work.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 25: The First Patriot Coalition

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 17, 2017

For every successful revolution there are maybe dozens that fail. For every 1776 there is a 1741.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 23: The Isle of Rats: Colonial Mauritius

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 3, 2017

The liberal imagination is pleased by multicultural societies like Mauritius but its culture was built with violent sacrifice.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 21: The Illusion of Empire: Spanish Texas

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 19, 2017

Spanish America was part of an empire in name. Missionaries expanded the frontier zone, but they never really controlled it.  

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 20: The Middle Passage: Igboland to America

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 12, 2017

The slaves shipped to British North America were predominantly identified as Igbos from interior West Africa. Their stories deserve to be remembered.

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 19: Reasonable Crimes: Humanizing Pirates

featuring Anthony Comegna and Peter T. Leeson on Sep 5, 2017

Are all human beings merely economic maximizers? Can all human actions really be explained in terms of profit, loss, and calculation?

Liberty Chronicles

Ep. 18: Hanging John Gow, Conquering Madagascar

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 29, 2017

John Gow harbored a deep resentment of the elite. Gow wanted to turn pirate from the start; he only awaited the right opportunity.