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Cannibals or Saints? A Liberty Chronicles Halloween

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 31, 2017

Happy Halloween from Liberty Chronicles! We’re celebrating Reformation Day and replaying one of our favorite episodes on the Salem Witch Trials.

Liberty Chronicles

The First Patriot Coalition

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 17, 2017

For every successful revolution there are maybe dozens that fail. For every 1776 there is a 1741.

Liberty Chronicles

Court & Country in the First British Empire

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 10, 2017

We’re inclined to look at 18th-century America and see the grand legacy of freedoms won, but what about the freedoms we lost?

Liberty Chronicles

The Isle of Rats: Colonial Mauritius

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 3, 2017

The liberal imagination is pleased by multicultural societies like Mauritius but its culture was built with violent sacrifice.

Liberty Chronicles

The Illusion of Empire: Spanish Texas

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 19, 2017

Spanish America was part of an empire in name. Missionaries expanded the frontier zone, but they never really controlled it.  

Liberty Chronicles

The Middle Passage: Igboland to America

featuring Anthony Comegna on Sep 12, 2017

The slaves shipped to British North America were predominantly identified as Igbos from interior West Africa. Their stories deserve to be remembered.

Liberty Chronicles

Reasonable Crimes: Humanizing Pirates

featuring Anthony Comegna and Peter T. Leeson on Sep 5, 2017

Are all human beings merely economic maximizers? Can all human actions really be explained in terms of profit, loss, and calculation?

Liberty Chronicles

Hanging John Gow, Conquering Madagascar

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 29, 2017

John Gow harbored a deep resentment of the elite. Gow wanted to turn pirate from the start; he only awaited the right opportunity.

Liberty Chronicles

A Libertarian Paradise in the Golden Age of Piracy

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 22, 2017

By the 1720s, the Americas’ radicals existed adrift at sea; stateless people who turned their very existence into an act of rebellion.

Liberty Chronicles

The Best Poor Man’s Country in the World

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 8, 2017

In the 18th century, many Europeans entered the colonies as indentured servants. Conditions were improving, but autonomy was a rare commodity.

Liberty Chronicles

“Lives of the Necromancers,” and the Salem Trials

featuring Anthony Comegna on Aug 1, 2017

In the late 1600s, Puritans saw Satan and his minions behind every tree; the world still abounded with spirits endless signs of Satan’s battle against God.

Liberty Chronicles

When Massachusetts Nearly Destroyed Itself

featuring Anthony Comegna on Jul 25, 2017

The Pequot War was devastating. Puritan armies destroyed Indian villages and all but exterminated the Pequots and the colonists seized native lands.

Liberty Chronicles

The Dissenters’ Revolution

featuring Anthony Comegna on Jul 11, 2017

Radical individualism reshaped minds across the Atlantic zone. More people than ever began to think, We don’t have to live this way.

Liberty Chronicles

The Antinomians

featuring Anthony Comegna on Jul 4, 2017

We shift from gold-hungry Virginia to pious Puritan New England, exploring the role of religious conflict in early colonial life.