George H. Smith

George H. Smith was formerly Senior Research Fellow for the Institute for Humane Studies, a lecturer on American History for Cato Summer Seminars, and Executive Editor of Knowledge Products. Smith's fourth and most recent book, The System of Liberty, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2013.

Liberty Chronicles

Cannibals All!, with Phil Magness

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 23, 2018

Phil Magness helps us unravel who George Fitzhugh was and how he is interpreted today.

Liberty Chronicles

Revolution in Utica and Buffalo

featuring Anthony Comegna on Jul 17, 2018

The Polk years began in a sort of uneasy truce between radicals and conservatives. 

Liberty Chronicles

The Greatest of Nullifiers

featuring Anthony Comegna and Caleb O. Brown on Oct 2, 2018

How did Justice Abram Smith of Wisconsin challenge the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850?

Liberty Chronicles

The Cords of Union: Slavery vs The Telegraph

featuring Anthony Comegna on Oct 9, 2018

Calhoun’s vision of Americans conquering space seemed even more possible with Samuel Morse’s invention of the magnetic telegraph.