Video Collection

We Are Libertarians!

featuring John Northrup in 1982

John Northrup explains what liberty means to him in this 1982 speech.

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Academics, Intellectuals, and Politics

featuring Edward H. Crane in 1982

Edward H. Crane lays out a strategy to convert the public into “Hayekian intellectuals,” one of his purposes in founding the Cato Institute.

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The Failure of Central Planning

featuring Don C. Lavoie on Mar 25, 1982

Don Lavoie uses the economy of the Soviet Union as an example of the failure of Marxian-style communism.

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Six Stages of the Libertarian Movement

featuring Murray Rothbard in 1982

In this video from 1982, Rothbard gives a lecture on what he identified as the 6 stages of building an independent libertarian movement.

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Just Say No: Karl Hess on Resisting Authority

featuring Karl Hess in 1983

What does authority fear more than attack or subversion? The word “No.” In this video Karl Hess explores the concepts and consequences of defying authority.

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Ron Paul at Reason’s 15th Anniversary

featuring Ron Paul on Apr 15, 1983

Ron Paul praises Reason Magazine’s influence in the liberty movement and discusses Washington’s need for new ideas.

Video Collection

The World at War

featuring Ralph Raico on Jun 1, 1983

Ralph Raico lectures at a Cato Summer Seminar on the history of World War I, World War II, and the Great Depression.