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Mario Rizzo on the Common Law in Real Time

featuring Mario Rizzo on Mar 8, 1997

Rizzo talks about the nature of the common law system, arguing that laws can also emerge through spontaneous order.

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Bruce Benson on the Evolution of Law

featuring Bruce Benson on Mar 8, 1997

Benson discusses the history of the legal system and the development of cooperation in society.

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David Friedman: Should We Abolish Criminal Law?

featuring David D. Friedman on Mar 8, 1997

Friedman examines the differences between civil and criminal systems of law. He imagines what the U.S. legal system would look like if criminal law were dissolved.

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Should We Welcome a Libertarian Future?

featuring David Boaz, Charles Murray, William A. Galston, & Robert J. Shapiro on Apr 23, 1997

David Boaz and Charles Murray each discuss their respective books about what it means to be a libertarian in this 1997 Cato debate.

Video Collection

Privacy and Freedom

featuring Solveig Singleton on Nov 21, 1998

Solveig Singleton explains how a regulatory vision of digital privacy can disrupt the free flow of information in society.