Video Collection

Resisting the Growth of Governments

featuring Donald J. Boudreaux on Jun 30, 2001

Don Boudreaux speaks on the nature of government and public choice in this 2001 lecture.

Video Collection

The Failure of Central Planning

featuring Don C. Lavoie on Mar 25, 1982

Don Lavoie uses the economy of the Soviet Union as an example of the failure of Marxian-style communism.

Video Collection

The World at War

featuring Ralph Raico on Jun 1, 1983

Ralph Raico lectures at a Cato Summer Seminar on the history of World War I, World War II, and the Great Depression.

Video Collection

Mapping the Ethical Minefield

featuring David Boaz, David D. Friedman, and Scott Olmsted on Jul 27, 1985

David Friedman, David Boaz, and Scott Olmsted tackle a minefield of issues relating to ethics and strategy of the Libertarian Party.


Video Collection

Why Does Big Business Love Big Government?

featuring G. William Domhoff, Murray Rothbard, and Bill Evers on Jan 15, 1985

Bill Domhoff, Murray Rothbard, and Bill Evers explain how big business can be so attracted to big government.

Video Collection

Freedom, Morality, and Justice

featuring Frank Van Dun on Jun 24, 1985

Frank Van Dun asks whether social pressure can be coercive in this 1985 lecture.

Video Collection

The Economic Crisis On Our Doorstep

featuring Ron Paul on Sep 19, 1988

Ron Paul predicts an economic crisis as the end result of the government’s fiscal policies.

Video Collection

Reclaiming the Levellers from Socialism

featuring Stephen Davies on Jul 15, 1984

Stephen Davies shares the history of the Levellers, a group of radical individualists in 17th century England.

Video Collection

We Are Libertarians!

featuring John Northrup in 1982

John Northrup explains what liberty means to him in this 1982 speech.

Video Collection

Free Market Environmentalism?

featuring Robert J. Smith on Sep 18, 1981

Robert J. Smith introduces the idea of free market environmentalism: an approach to environmental conservation that advocates the private ownership of resources.

Video Collection

Competition, Monopoly, and Antitrust

featuring Dominick Armentano on Sep 15, 1981

Dominick Armentano makes the case that a competitive economy doesn’t need antitrust laws to function well.

Video Collection

Problems with Libertarianism

featuring David D. Friedman on May 16, 1981

David Friedman lists problems he believes he has found with moral-rights based justifications for libertarianism.

Video Collection

Do Children Have Rights?

featuring George H. Smith on May 16, 1981

George H. Smith theorizes on what rights children retain—if any—in this 1981 video.

Video Collection

Privacy and Freedom

featuring Solveig Singleton on Nov 21, 1998

Solveig Singleton explains how a regulatory vision of digital privacy can disrupt the free flow of information in society.