Video Collection

Risk and Liberty

featuring Aaron Wildavsky on Jan 11, 1987

In this video from a 1987 California Libertarian Party conference, Aaron Wildavsky lectures on the relationship between risk and liberty.

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Rights During National Emergencies

featuring Robert Higgs on Sep 7, 1987

In this lecture from 1987, Robert Higgs speaks about governments’ tendency to bend or suspend individual rights during emergency situations.

Video Collection

Are We Still on the Road to Serfdom?

featuring Eamonn Butler on Jul 12, 1984

In this lecture from 1984, Eamonn Butler talks about Friedrich Hayek’s 1944 classic, The Road to Serfdom.

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John Burton: The Failure of the Middle Way

featuring John Burton on Jul 12, 1984

In this video from 1984, John Burton speaks about the factors that he believe will ultimately lead to the downfall of the mixed economy.

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The Failure of African Socialism

featuring George Ayittey on Feb 22, 1989

In this video, George Ayittey talks about the failure of Africa’s experiments with socialism throughout the 20th century.

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Government, The Market, and Minorities

featuring Walter E. Williams on Jul 21, 1986

Water Williams speaks at a Libertarian International conference in Stockholm, Sweden in 1986 on how governments interact with minorities.

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Robert Poole on National Defense and Foreign Policy

featuring Robert Poole on Jul 15, 1984

In this video from a Libertarian International conference in 1984, Robert Poole speaks about the moral frameworks surrounding national defense and foreign policy.

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Joan Kennedy Taylor: Pornography Versus Censorship

featuring Joan Kennedy Taylor on Sep 21, 1986

In this video from a Free Press Association conference in 1986, Joan Kennedy Taylor debates herself on pornography, obscenity, and censorship

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Christian Gergils: Civil Disobedience in Sweden

featuring Christian Gergils on Aug 24, 1991

Christian Gergils talks about the Freedom Front’s first year and the success of it’s projects, particularly among Swedish students.

Video Collection

Leonard Liggio on the Resurgence of Classical Liberalism

featuring Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 26, 1985

Liggio speaks about the reemergence of classical liberalism as a reaction to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and America’s entry into World War II.