Video Collection

Robert Poole and Samuel Konkin: What is a Libertarian?

featuring Robert Poole and Samuel Konkin on Jun 30, 1985

Poole and Konkin debate what constitutes libertarian beliefs, how broadly libertarianism should be defined, and how best to apply the principles of libertarianism.

Video Collection

Leonard Liggio on the Resurgence of Classical Liberalism

featuring Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 26, 1985

Liggio speaks about the reemergence of classical liberalism as a reaction to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and America’s entry into World War II.

Video Collection

Freedom, Morality, and Justice

featuring Frank Van Dun on Jun 24, 1985

Frank Van Dun asks whether social pressure can be coercive in this 1985 lecture.

Video Collection

Why Does Big Business Love Big Government?

featuring G. William Domhoff, Murray Rothbard, and Bill Evers on Jan 15, 1985

Bill Domhoff, Murray Rothbard, and Bill Evers explain how big business can be so attracted to big government.

Video Collection

Reclaiming the Levellers from Socialism

featuring Stephen Davies on Jul 15, 1984

Stephen Davies shares the history of the Levellers, a group of radical individualists in 17th century England.

Video Collection

Robert Poole on National Defense and Foreign Policy

featuring Robert Poole on Jul 15, 1984

In this video from a Libertarian International conference in 1984, Robert Poole speaks about the moral frameworks surrounding national defense and foreign policy.

Video Collection

Walter Williams on Minorities and Unemployment

featuring Walter E. Williams on Jul 13, 1984

Williams explains how the state gets in the way of minorities finding gainful employment through occupational licensing restrictions.

Video Collection

Are We Still on the Road to Serfdom?

featuring Eamonn Butler on Jul 12, 1984

In this lecture from 1984, Eamonn Butler talks about Friedrich Hayek’s 1944 classic, The Road to Serfdom.