Video Collection

Women in a Free Society

featuring Joan Kennedy Taylor on Jul 18, 1986

Joan Kennedy Taylor reviews the rise of the modern feminist movement and compares the goals of feminism with those of classical liberalism.

Video Collection

Academics, Intellectuals, and Politics

featuring Edward H. Crane in 1982

Edward H. Crane lays out a strategy to convert the public into “Hayekian intellectuals,” one of his purposes in founding the Cato Institute.

Video Collection

The Foundation for Libertarianism: Ethics or Economics?

featuring George H. Smith and David D. Friedman on May 15, 1981

George H. Smith and David D. Friedman have a debate over whether natural rights or rule utilitarianism forms a better basis for libertarian ideas.

Video Collection

Politics, Ideas, and Freedom

featuring Ron Paul on Sep 19, 1981

Dr. Ron Paul shares his personal philosophy on how ideas can inform politics in this 1981 video from a Council for a Competitive Economy event.

Video Collection

Should We Welcome a Libertarian Future?

featuring David Boaz, Charles Murray, William A. Galston, & Robert J. Shapiro on Apr 23, 1997

David Boaz and Charles Murray each discuss their respective books about what it means to be a libertarian in this 1997 Cato debate.