Video Collection

Six Stages of the Libertarian Movement

featuring Murray Rothbard in 1982

In this video from 1982, Rothbard gives a lecture on what he identified as the 6 stages of building an independent libertarian movement.

Video Collection

Do We Need to Go to War for Oil?

featuring David R. Henderson in 1991

In this video from a 1991 conference, David Henderson speaks about the then-ongoing Gulf War, which George H. W. Bush once described as a “war for oil.”

Video Collection

A Liberal Against Banning Guns

featuring Don Kates on Feb 22, 1989

In this lecture in 1989, Don Kates gives a history of gun ownership in America and speaks about the historical implications of the right to self-defense.

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Freedom and the Child

featuring Frances Kendall on Jul 10, 1984

This 1984 lecture at a Libertarian International conference in London Frances Kendall discusses her first book, Super Parents Super Children (1983).

Video Collection

Community Without Coercion

featuring Hannes Gissurarson on Jul 13, 1985

Hannes Gissurarson attempts to disprove several of German philosopher Friedrich Hegel’s theories about civil society being an alienating force among men.

Video Collection

Walter Williams on Minorities and Unemployment

featuring Walter E. Williams on Jul 13, 1984

Williams explains how the state gets in the way of minorities finding gainful employment through occupational licensing restrictions.