Libertarianism and the Poor

by Matt Zwolinski on Apr 25, 2014

The libertarian case against the welfare state is really just the result of the consistent application of moral common sense.


Why Did Hayek Support a Basic Income?

by Matt Zwolinski on Dec 23, 2013

Hayek endorsed a guaranteed minimum income—but didn’t say why. In this essay, Matt Zwolinski attempts to reconstruct Hayek’s argument.


The Libertarian Case for a Basic Income

by Matt Zwolinski on Dec 5, 2013

Guaranteeing a minimum income to the poor is better than our current system of welfare, Zwolinski argues. And it can be justified by libertarian principles.


Rape and the Minimum Wage

by Matt Zwolinski on Apr 22, 2013

Aggression and property rights are, by themselves, not the only categories relevant to moral or juridical evaluation.


Libertarianism and Pollution

by Matt Zwolinski on Apr 1, 2013

Does the non-aggression principle prohibit all pollution, including industry, driving, and flashlights?