Some Reflections on the History of Philosophy

by George H. Smith on Feb 19, 2016

Smith explains the views of Kant and Hegel on the history of philosophy, and explores whether moral judgments should be applied to the realm of ideas.


Ayn Rand and the History of Philosophy

by George H. Smith on Feb 12, 2016

Smith discusses whether we should hold a philosopher responsible for how other philosophers use his or her ideas.


Immanuel Kant and Nazism

by George H. Smith on Feb 5, 2016

Was Kant somehow responsible for the rise of Nazism? Smith explores two points of view on this issue.


Ayn Rand on Fascism

by George H. Smith on Jan 8, 2016

Smith explores Rand’s contention that America was sliding down a slippery slope to fascism.


John Locke: A Leveller Connection?

by George H. Smith on Dec 18, 2015

Smith examines and criticizes Richard Ashcraft’s arguments that Locke was significantly influenced by the Levellers.


John Locke: In Search of the Radical Locke

by George H. Smith on Dec 4, 2015

Smith explains an important controversy about when the Two Treatises was written, and the possible influence of the Levellers on Locke.


John Locke: Money and Private Property

by George H. Smith on Nov 20, 2015

Smith explains the significance, for Locke, of the increased productivity caused by labor, and the relationship between money and property.


John Locke: Hermeneutics and Labor

by George H. Smith on Oct 23, 2015

Smith explains Locke’s ideas about how we should interpret a philosophic text, and the relationship between labor and private property.