“Rape Culture:” Yea or Nay?

by Sharon Presley on Apr 16, 2015

Some libertarians have scoffed at the idea that a “rape culture” exists in America. Presley argues that according to the best social science, they’re mistaken.


The Psychology of Freedom: An Introduction

by Sharon Presley on Jul 7, 2015

Presley begins a series of posts describing a “psychology of freedom” and explaining its relevance to libertarianism more broadly.


Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

by Sharon Presley on Dec 2, 2015

Drawing on her memories of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley, Presley calls for a renewed commitment to free speech on college campuses.


To PC or Not to PC

by Sharon Presley on Nov 10, 2016

Political correctness isn’t a good reason to support something—or to oppose it.