The Re-Feudalization of the Modern World

by Jason Kuznicki on Aug 28, 2015

When so much of what you own comes with extensive strings attached, do you really own your property, or are you merely a feudal tenant?



Ignorance of the Law in the Age of Technocracy

by Jason Kuznicki on Aug 17, 2015

When laws are based on the esoteric lore of specialized experts rather than custom and common sense, the rule of law becomes a Kafkaesque farce.


The Dearth of the Unimproved World

by Jason Kuznicki on Jun 25, 2015

Civilization—mankind’s escape from the crushing poverty of the state of nature—depends on economic freedom and the institutions that support it.


Human, Transhuman, Transgender

by Jason Kuznicki on Jun 10, 2015

Humans have always used technology to change nature, both the external environment and our own bodies.


The Confederacy and Liberty

by Jason Kuznicki on Jul 9, 2013

Jason Kuznicki argues that “anyone who cares about human liberty—to whatever degree—ought to despise the Confederacy.”