The purpose of these Excursions is to explore the fascinating and complex history of libertarian ideas. Over four decades of reading, writing, and lecturing on the history of libertarianism have taught Smith an important lesson, namely, that the theories of some early libertarian thinkers were sometimes better and more sophisticated than the theories we take for granted today.


Negative and Positive Liberty

by George H. Smith on Dec 11, 2012

George H. Smith criticizes Jason Brennan’s defense of positive liberty and his attempt to make positive liberty an essential part of libertarian theory.


Negative and Positive Liberty, Part 2

by George H. Smith on Dec 18, 2012

Smith discusses some of the problems in libertarian theory caused by the many different conceptions of liberty.


Freedom, Rights, and Political Philosophy, Part 3

by George H. Smith on Feb 12, 2013

Smith discusses the distinction between political obligation and political allegiance, and how the problem of allegiance was the major concern of John Locke.