Coverture and Liberty

by Jason Kuznicki on Apr 2, 2012

Kuznicki discusses coverture and the limits of liberty of contract.


Politics Makes Us Worse

by Aaron Ross Powell on Apr 5, 2012

Powell describes how politics “strips us of our civility,” arguing that we should decrease the sphere of political influence in our lives.


Why Politics Can’t Make Us Better

by Aaron Ross Powell on Apr 6, 2012

Powell discusses different conceptions of what it means to be free, arguing against a “rule of the mob.”


Bad Arguments for Libertarianism: Merit

by Trevor Burrus on Apr 26, 2012

Burrus draws an important distinction between merit and output and cautions libertarians from relying on merit-based arguments.


Libertarian Caring

by Aaron Ross Powell on May 22, 2012

Powell debunks the notion that libertarians are uncaring.


An Introduction to Rent Seeking

by John Samples on May 30, 2012

Samples explains how consumers are harmed by corporate rent-seeking with a look at New York City taxi licensing.