Abolitionism and Self-Ownership

by George H. Smith on Jan 13, 2017

Smith discusses the crucial role played by the inalienable right of self-ownership in the abolitionist crusade to abolish slavery.


Jiyuto, Kaishinto, and the Meiji Constitution

by Michael Rieger on Jan 9, 2017

“Where Japanese liberals failed to gain political power, they gained popular influence,” popularizing previously unknown ideas to the Japanese public.


How to Argue for Libertarianism

by George H. Smith on Nov 18, 2016

Smith discusses some common problems encountered by libertarians when they defend their political beliefs in arguments.


To PC or Not to PC

by Sharon Presley on Nov 10, 2016

Political correctness isn’t a good reason to support something—or to oppose it.


Some Very Good Reasons Not to Vote

by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus on Nov 8, 2016

It’s not worth getting your hands dirty to do something so ineffective.