Adam Smith on Public Policy: Education

by Paul Mueller on Nov 17, 2015

Adam Smith thought that everyone should receive an education, and that funding should be set up to comport with justice and to incentivize a high quality product.


Against the Doomsayers

by Jason Kuznicki on Oct 26, 2015

People have been predicting calamities for countless generations, but the sky stubbornly refuses to fall. Reject the politics of doom.



John Locke: Hermeneutics and Labor

by George H. Smith on Oct 23, 2015

Smith explains Locke’s ideas about how we should interpret a philosophic text, and the relationship between labor and private property.


Adam Smith’s Ethics: Happiness

by Paul Mueller on Oct 20, 2015

While Smith thought the state should be restricted to questions of commutative justice, he didn’t think other aspects of ethics were merely matters of taste.


Who is the Consumer?

by Adam Gurri on Oct 15, 2015

Some people express disdain for “consumers” and “consumption,” but being a consumer is really just going about the business of living.


Against “Grab World”

by David S. D’Amato on Oct 14, 2015

Is there a contradiction in forbidding aggression against persons and permitting people to defend their property with physical force? Not so, argues D’Amato.


Case(s) for Private Property

by David S. D’Amato on Oct 12, 2015

Are libertarians begging the question when they talk about what counts as aggression? Not so, argues D’Amato.


Property is Not a Second-Class Right

by Grant Babcock on Oct 6, 2015

For libertarians, property rights are deeply linked with our rights to bodily integrity, but for leftists, property rights aren’t seen as particularly important.