Libertarian Theory: A Reading List

by Aaron Ross Powell on Nov 3, 2011

A selection of books to take readers beyond the basics of libertarianism and into the philosophy and economics that provide its foundations.


Myths of Individualism

by Tom G. Palmer on Sep 6, 2011

Palmer takes on the misconceptions of individualism common to communitarian critics of liberty.


The Joys of Freedom

by David Boaz on Jan 1, 2011

In response to the criticism that libertarians tend to be a somewhat pessimistic lot, Boaz explores the optimistic side of the growth of freedom.


The Era of Expert Failure

by Arnold Kling on Aug 3, 2010

Diversified knowledge in the modern economy requires relying on experts, but imbuing these experts with political authority has disastrous consequences.


Meditations on Memorial Day

by David Boaz on May 31, 2010

Even when worthwhile, war brings terrible costs and must not be undertaken lightly.


The New Deal Made Them “Right”

by Damon W. Root on Sep 1, 2009

Root tells the tale of several noted leftists of the ’20s who found themselves marked right-wing reactionaries in the wake of FDR’s New Deal.


Capitalism Makes Us Better People

by Will Wilkinson on May 1, 2009

Wilkinson responds to Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s book The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil.


The Return of Big Government

by David Boaz on Jan 1, 2009

Boaz refutes the notion that it was libertarian laissez-faire policies that created the problems that have arisen in our society.


The Klein Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Polemics

by Johan Norberg on May 14, 2008

In this criticism of Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”, Johan Norberg identifies common misconceptions about the nature of Milton Friedman’s libertarianism.


Government, War, and Libertarianism

by Justin Logan on May 1, 2008

Logan criticizes libertarian hawks, not only for supporting anti-libertarian policies, but also for promoting strategies which encourage terrorists.