Are We Freer?

by David Boaz on Jul 1, 2007

Boaz combats the pessimistic view that our freedom is declining, arguing that, in many ways, we are more free.


How Prosperity Made Us More Libertarian

by Brink Lindsey on May 1, 2007

According to Lindsey, the true character of the American electorate is not a patchwork quilt of red and blue states, but rather an increasingly purplish centrism.


Myths of the Nanny State

by Radley Balko on Sep 1, 2006

Balko argues that there simply isn’t much evidence to support the sky-is-falling scenarios offered up by proponents of modern paternalism.


Bourgeois Virtues?

by Deirdre McCloskey on May 18, 2006

McCloskey examines the dual myths of the innate virtues and the innate evil of capitalism.


Rich is Beautiful

by Richard D. North on Nov 1, 2005

Affluence is not an evil to be belittled, but a good that the West is fortunate to have attained, and that is benefiting the rest of the world.


Liberty at the Movies

by David Boaz on Jun 20, 2005

David Boaz highlights movies with strong themes of liberty.


The Affirmative Action Myth

by Marie Gryphon on Apr 13, 2005

Affirmative action cannot solve the American dilemma of racial inequality.


Ayn Rand at 100

by Brian Doherty on Mar 1, 2005

Doherty combines a short biography of the mother of Objectivism with an analysis of the intellectual impact of her published works.


Capitalism and Human Nature

by Will Wilkinson on Jan 1, 2005

In an attempt to understand what makes capitalism tend to work better than communism, Wilkinson turns to evolutionary psychology.


Restoring the Lost Constitution

by Randy E. Barnett on Jan 1, 2004

Barnett traces a history of Supreme Court decisions that have eviscerated the individual rights he argues the Constitution was originally intended to protect.