The Speech

by Roy A. Childs, Jr. on Sep 1, 1980

“If Ronald Reagan is the knight of modern conservatism, [it’s] time someone pointed out that the armor is tarnished, the joints creaking, and the sword dulled.”


The Battle for Reagan’s Mind

by Bruce Bartlett on Jul 1, 1980

“Unless something unforeseen happens, Reagan will probably remain committed at least to the Kemp-Roth program.”


Hard Core, Soft Core

by David Brudnoy on Apr 1, 1979

On any given night, Americans everywhere now watch soft-core films or scenes on the television. “That ought to set the Birchers’ teeth on edge.”


Businessmen and “Uncle Sugar”

by Bruce Bartlett on Mar 1, 1979

“Unless the conservatives break their unholy alliance with business and adopt the libertarian position, the liberals may move into the gap…themselves.”


Equality: The Meaning of Class

by R. H. Tawney in 1931

“Violent contrasts of wealth and power [are] a mark…of barbarism, like the gold rings in the noses of savage monarchs, or the…chains on their slaves.”


War and Social Change

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Jun 1, 1981

“Veblen was guilty of an intense and partisan interest in the war, but that interest did not lead him to abandon his principles.”


Antifederalism: Military & Civilian Concerns

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Jun 1, 1981

“There is a small libertarian [party] today, and vestiges of Antifederalism can be found in [this] strain in twentieth century American liberal thought.”


Liberal Republicans During Reconstruction

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Mar 2, 1981

“Ignoring history, the Liberals depended upon the Southern leaders’ wisdom and desire for votes to protect and educate the black constituency.”


Liberalism: The Seedbed of American Culture

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Mar 1, 1981

“History [was] a westward moving caravan, a wagon train in which political, military, and cultural greatness were linked together and freedom provided the fuel.”


Prison Camps of the Propaganda Machine

by James Martin on Oct 1, 1978

“And where were all the pundits…and the big newspaper and radio mouthpieces, the fat, comfortable, affluent and prestigious, the war profiteers?”


The Flight of the Lone Eagle

by Justus Doenecke on Apr 1, 1978

“The Lone Eagle is likely to remain puzzling. [Charles Lindbergh’s] mysticism, genetic obsessions, and elitism all can jolt a modern reader.”


San Francisco & the Military Complex

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Dec 1, 1980

“During the interwar period the military services were hampered by a resurgence of “business pacifism.””