Whither Indian Planning?

by Sir Homi Mody on Sep 10, 1965

In the 1950s and 60s, the Indian economy was ravaged by central planning.


The Free Love Ideal

by J. William Lloyd on Jan 14, 1897

“To my mind the law is not our worst enemy. … Religious bigotry, marital jealousy, social prejudice, will operate in ostracism, contempt…and actual violence.”


Home Life, Health and Happiness

by Edwin C. Walker on Jan 20, 1897

“Because liberty permits us to correct our mistakes…files the chains that bind us to the dead body of the past…we strive [for liberty in] morals and love.”


Bread or Freedom?

by Minoo Masani in 1977

Economic prosperity goes hand-in-hand with freedom. We needn’t pick one or the other.


The Legend of Libertalia, Part Two

by Charles Johnson in 1728

“Misson designed his Settlement[,] Libertalia, [naming his people] Liberi…desiring [that it might drown the] Names of French, English, Dutch, Africans, &c.”


Why Swatantra?

by C. Rajagopalachari in 1960

The Swatantra Party carried the torch of classical liberalism in India in the 1960s and 70s.


Foreign Aid Must Go

by Minoo Masani in 1972

Foreign aid, argues Masani, transfers power from the people to the state while crowding out beneficial private investment.



by James Madison on Mar 29, 1792

Narrowly, we have property rights to things, but in the broader, more correct sense, all the rights we posses are property rights.


Meditations on Memorial Day

by David Boaz on May 31, 2010

Even when worthwhile, war brings terrible costs and must not be undertaken lightly.