Priestly and Liberty

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Mar 1, 1980

“Priestley died in Pennsylvania in 1804, having throughout his life professed freedom in science, religion, and politics.”


Editorial: John Locke

by Leonard P. Liggio on Mar 1, 1980

“Locke’s own extensive knowledge of travel literature suggests that he may have edited a major series of voyage literature.”


Liberty and the American Revolution

by Literature of Liberty Reviewer on Sep 1, 1979

“Since 1950…the intellectual history of the Revolution has come to center stage.”


Nisbet, “The Twilight of Authority”

by Leonard P. Liggio on Jun 1, 1976

“Nisbet views the anarchists as the major philosophers who successfully answer advocates of centralization of the state and collectivism.”


Social Sciences and the ‘Methodenstreit’

by Samuel Bostaph on Jun 1, 1979

“The two approaches of the Methodenstreit…[represented] widely divergent views on the scope and logic of economic and social-scientific inquiry.”


Godwin: Flux vs. Stasis

by Michael Scrivener on Mar 1, 1979

“Godwin did not see political revolution as intellectual progress; in fact he viewed it as a hindrance to progress.”


Editorial: Turgot and the Battle Against Physiocracy

by Leonard P. Liggio on Mar 1, 1979

Jefferson valued Turgot so highly, “that in the honored place of the entrance hall to Monticello he placed a Houdon portrait bust to this Enlightenment hero.”


Natural Law: Dead or Alive?

by Henry Veatch on Dec 1, 1978

Philospher Henry Babcock Veatch explores the long history and vibrant future of Natural Law.