Hugo, Les Miserables

by Jesse Knight on Feb 1, 1975

Les Misérables is a perfect novel—it is not. But it is, quite simply, a great novel.”


Bukharin, “Imperialism and World Economy”

by Joseph R. Stromberg on Feb 1, 1975

“Bukharin had a firm grip on the economic main drift, the “rise” of cartels and monopolies. Unhappily, he [thought it the] inevitable outcome of market relations.”


Shelley, “Frankenstein”

by Robert LeFevre on Mar 1, 1975

The great Robert LeFevre reviews a classic of modern English literature.


Levin, “This Perfect Day”

by Ralph Raico on Mar 1, 1975

“The conception of This Perfect Day is brilliant, the execution flawless, and there is a continuing intelligence presiding over the whole work.”


Equality, Power, and Values

by Rick Tilman in 1978

Tilman examines the possibilities of a New Left-Libertarian convergence, and finds the prospects lacking.


Art and Autonomy

by George Konrad in 1978

Novelist George Konrad speaks about the state, the artist, and “The quiet revolution of self-rule.”


Order and Elites

by Isidore Silver on Mar 1, 1978

Silver addresses a subject of pressing importance:  the Neo-cons and intellectual elitism.


Power and Ideology

by Douglas Hay in 1978

Is ideology a weapon in the hands of the powerful?  Our reviewer argues in the affirmative:  legal ideology “masks the gallows and the death sentence.”


Order Without State

by Peter J. Wilson in 1978

Madagascar’s Tsimihety people “have no chiefs or kings,” while “prospering and multiplying.”


Watership Down

by Richard Adams on Sep 1, 1975

Watership Down is a story about a profound paradox, a paradox arising from the very nature of conscious life.”