Equality of Rights

by Immanuel Kant in 1791

Kant discusses his theory of the state, concluding, “Whatever a people cannot impose upon itself cannot be imposed upon it by the legislator either.”


Give Me Liberty

by Rose Wilder Lane in 1936

Lane compares socialism to individualism and shows out the latter is the only path to upholding freedom.


The Paradox of Morality

by Mao Yushi on Mar 13, 2012

The Chinese economist and intellectual and social entrepreneur Mao Yushi explains the role that markets play in bringing about concord and cooperation.


Labor and Commerce

by Adam Smith in 1756

In this selection from The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith discusses prices in terms of labor and happiness.



by Richard Cobden in 1850

In this essay, Richard Cobden argues that “that no foreign State has a right by force to interfere with the domestic concerns of another State.”


Neoconservatism Versus Libertarianism, Part 3

by George H. Smith on May 22, 2012

Smith explores the ideas of Irving Kristol and Robert Bork on culture. He begins with a discussion of the anti-jazz crusade of the 1920s.