The Case for Legalizing Hard Drugs

by Jarrett Wollstein on Dec 1, 1975

“In his brilliant speech, The Case for Legalizing Hard Drugs, Roy Childs demonstrates that virtually every belief held about opiate users is false.”


Milgram, “Obedience to Authority”

by Barbara Branden on Oct 1, 1975

“There is no way, in a short review, to communicate the appalling quality of the spectacle the experiments unfold.”


Unamuno, “Tragic Sense of Life”

by William Danks on Jun 1, 1975

“The attack on death has not been organized properly, for the simple reason that we have not dared announce it as an over-all objective.”


Wright, “Islandia”

by Alice Laurance on Dec 1, 1975

“Austin Tappan Wright was a man of ideas. Some of those ideas will worry libertarians…but Islandia contains a wealth of ideas worth thought.”


Prima Facie Values

by Jeane Kirkpatrick on Jun 1, 1978

“Advocates of liberty should realize that in order to maximize their cause they must continually stress that non-violence is a key element to real liberty.”


Obedience vs. Self-Ownership

by Peter Breggin on Jun 1, 1978

“A free…society would inevitably perish unless [populated] by enough autonomous individuals who value risky freedom over the apparent comforts of tyranny.”


Experiencing Freedom

by Malcolm Wescott on Dec 1, 1978

A speech on psychology and liberty-as-lived-experience.


Competition and Individual Knowledge

by F. A. Hayek on Dec 1, 1978

“The market produces a spontaneous order in which the different, shifting ends of individuals are satisfied.”