Liberal Parents, Radical Children

by Samuel Blumenfeld on Feb 1, 1976

“There is no doubt that these liberal parents are to a great extent responsible for having created their radical children.”


What is Value?

by George H. Smith on Feb 1, 1976

“The idea of value has different meanings as used in different intellectual disciplines, [and] a common meaning…does not exist.”


The Free Man’s Almanac

by Robert LeFevre on Feb 1, 1976

The Free Man’s Almanac, compiled by Leonard Read, is one of the best and most useful for libertarians that I have run across.”


Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution

by James Martin on Feb 1, 1976

After a good deal nit-picking: “If this were a tweedy, pipe-sucking review, one could go on in this vein for some time.”


Is Bankruptcy Law Bankrupt?

by William H. Meckling on Mar 1, 1979

“Often the supposed beneficiaries of such statutes actually prove to be their victims.”


Aggression vs. Cooperation

by E. Richard Sorenson on Jun 1, 1979

“As time passed and the pressure for land became severe, the ‘warfare became more common, better organized, and more institutionalized.’”


The Man Who Would Be King

by Murray Rothbard on Jun 1, 1976

“When they reach the ancient land, they manage to get themselves accepted not only as rulers but as gods.”