Thomas Hodgskin Versus Jeremy Bentham

by George H. Smith on Jul 3, 2012

Smith discusses Thomas Hodgskin’s critique of utilitarianism and his contention that the primary concern of legislators is to preserve their own power.


The New Toryism

by Herbert Spencer in 1885

In this chapter from The Man versus the State, Herbert Spencer attacks the rise of paternalist politics.


Jack and Jill and Two Kinds of Freedom

by George H. Smith on Sep 11, 2012

Smith analyzes two kinds of freedom, pragmatic and moral, and gives examples of how this distinction has been used in the history of libertarian thought.


All Socialism Involves Slavery

by Herbert Spencer in 1884

In Man Versus the State, Herbert Spencer argues that as the state tries to regulate more of our lives, it inches us closer to slavery.


Politics Makes Us Worse

by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus on Sep 14, 2012

Increasing the sphere of politics leads to bad policy and increased vice.